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    The #MeToo movement is empowering. It’s a way to cope with the fear that a person has been living with for a certain amount of time. It’s a way to show truth to others, and a way to deal with bad choices. It is making it’s mark on people’s lives as a recipient or the ...
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    We met in the summer and we thought it was set in stone. He was funny and his smile made me melt. He said I love you first. So I thought, this is it. We trusted each other with everything. The good, the bad and the ugly. I thought this might be just a short fling. But, he ...
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    We’ve all been there, finding ourselves bashing another person for how they look, what they like, how they live or what color socks they have on. Or you’ve been in the position to be judged for whatever reasons someone is choosing to judge you for. The culprit? Ourselves, our neighbors, our Facebook friends, our families ...
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    Every day we hear about the drug epidemic, we are flooded with statistics about how many people will die this year from a drug overdose or how many families will be affected by drug use. In all reality it is very unlikely that you can’t think of someone who abuses or has abused drugs as ...
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    When I was young and saw abusive relationships and domestic violence portrayed on television, I would wonder at how the victim could allow it to happen. “Why don’t they just leave?” I would ask in complete bewilderment, trying to imagine myself in a scenario where I would want to stay with a cruel partner. At ...
  • You never know who is being gaslighted, many times they suffer in silence.

    A common form of emotional abuse is gas-lighting. Gas-lighting is basically being manipulated to the point where eventually you won’t be able to tell what really happened versus what was real in a situation. Mind you, in a relationship your partner probably makes excuses or lies once in a while but that doesn’t necessarily mean that ...