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    While people think this will finally make guns illegal in the United States, the Las Vegas Massacre will not do much in the way of policy. A little under sixty people dead is not going to suddenly change the way people think. If we Americans didn’t demand– and follow through– with change after the Sandy ...
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    Success can be defined in a variety of  different ways for Millennials, but it is up to them in regards to how they define it. The ways that success can be defined include, making a lot of money, doing something they love and following through on who they have always wanted to be in life ...
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    Close your eyes. Think back to Fourth of July when you were a kid. Here is what I imagine… I can see my dad at the grill, happily flipping burgers for us all. Then the constant question, “Who wants cheese!?” I hear the shouts of my younger siblings and friends as they run through the ...
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    I find it disturbing that in America, a country of so many religions that say to take care of the poor and the homeless, we treat the homeless like second class citizens. Don’t believe me? What about all the laws making it illegal to sleep outside? Or the laws making it illegal to feed the ...
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    Everyday we choose our priorities. We choose what is important to us. What are we going to prioritize today? What is going to stir us up? Catch our attention? Make an impact? Are we going to care about what’s happening in politics or the latest beef between whatever celebrity? Are we going to throw our ...
  • Terrorism

    On June 4th, President Donald Trump of the United States tweeted, “Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now? That’s because they used knives and a truck!” He references terrorism in London, where 3 men plowed a van into a crowd on London Bridge and then jumped out to attack people ...