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    For those not familiar with what a night owl is, it is someone who is up late at night or all night long. There are some people who function naturally this way although society says you must function in the daytime to be considered normal. Some cities are a bit more functional for night owls ...
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    Lately, my life has been undergoing some very drastic changes.  We’re moving across the country for my husband’s job, I need to find a job in a new city with my new career, we need to fix up the house and sell it; all in a span of a month! Add me trying to finish ...
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    There comes a time in our life , when we notice the biological clock’s ticking a little bit louder. Whether you are in a relationship or not, if you are getting closer to the big 30, you may question some aspects of your life. By then, maybe you’ve sorted out some of your career goals, ...