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    With the recent news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting another child, it is odd how news describes the couple. Prince William, who has always been royal, compared to his commoner wife, Kate Middleton. While she may have the title of Duchess of Cambridge, she is degraded to just being Kate Middleton. ...
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    Twenty years after her untimely death, the obsession with her is still there. As it rounds onto the exact date, documentaries sprout up around, from BBC to the royal family to a documentary on her personal life and in her personal words. All the documentaries hope to shed some light on Princess Diana’s life, but ...
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    After the untimely death of Diana, Princess of Wales, people came together to remember the beautiful life of a beautiful woman. Through her irresistible smile and her kindness, she made the world remember there is good in everyone. She helped break stigma against HIV/AIDS and the royal family was made more personable after her death. ...
  • Fire

    The Grenfell Fire, an inferno that engulfed a twenty-four story apartment building, has left many dead and many others homeless. While much of London came together and money has been raised, it does not do much for the outcome. There are still people dead, and there are still people without anything at all. Londoners came ...
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    For seventy years, he has stood at the side of (then Princess ) and now Queen Elizabeth II. He wasn’t quiet or shy, and at some points, he pissed people off. But he will not be forgotten. While he walked two steps behind the Queen most of his adult life, Prince Philip, the Duke of ...