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    Since I have known Coffee House Writers’ resident Columbine Expert, Keely Messino, we have had many conversations about Columbine. During which I have applied my natural talent as a profiler like what is portrayed in the CBS Show “Criminal Minds”. And from those conversations and my own deductions, it is not a pretty picture. Now, ...
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    I’m writing this in hopes that other adults will listen to the children who count on them when they say that an authority figure is treating them poorly. So often we associate bullying as something that takes place between children, and we’ve been taught that abuse from an adult to a child is sexual in ...
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    Days bright Shining light Confines you as you walk Talk to your invisible friends Sweet satisfaction never ends The vultures circle around you Their forced smiles cloud you Your judgement is bound to you Like the corset that surrounds you Lips stained red with lies Eyes as black as your heart Real or fake you ...