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    Ah, wintertime… It’s a time for chilly weather, cozy sweaters, leaves changing color, holidays and carb-heavy food. You know what else it’s the time for? It’s the time for staying inside, at home, because of how ungodly cold it is and no one wants to be the friend that makes plans, therefore, dragging everyone out ...
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    Back in high school, I had somewhat of an eclectic style consisting of leggings, shirts, pants, you name it. They most likely had crazy patterns, full of bright and vibrant colors. I listened to all kinds of funky music that nobody really seemed to enjoy, but it made me happy. I was me. Many times, I got ...
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    It seems like people can’t compliment or be proud of themselves without being called vain, narcissistic, big- headed, etc. But, there’s a huge difference between being confident and being an ego-maniac. Confidence is a state of mind that one puts themselves in order to help stay on course in reaching their goals. An ego-maniac thinks that ...