• Hypochondria

    It is seven o clock in the evening and you are getting ready for a night out. Your hair and makeup are complete, and you are in your favorite dress. You feel great! You feel excited, adrenalized and content with how your night is going. That is until you feel a slight pain radiating from ...
  • writing

    For many people a secret passion lies in publishing. Whether it is a poem or becoming the next JK Rowling, the desire for this achievement lies deep inside us. It is the hope that someone reads it and cares. But for some people, it is fear that drives the inability to write. Someone might see. ...
  • 176

    It’s not a trend, it’s not something to glorify and it is by no means something that needs to be romanticized. For the past year, I have noticed an exponential rise in the amount of articles I see online praising the “romantic” sides to mental illness. They provide readers with their interpretation as to why ...