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    Just an average day. Sometimes I wish it would all be over. Being locked in my room, Because I have no idea what else to do. Alone in my room, Journal Is dark thoughts of serial killers and the afterlife. Within the safety of my big fuzzy blankets, The color are freshly cut grass. Tears ...
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    When you are facing uncertainty in life, what do you do? You might respond with: going to see a therapist, meditating, saying a prayer for guidance, writing in a journal or having a cup of coffee and a heart to heart with a trusted friend. Something a bit more strange is taking hold in Asia, a practice which ...
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    There are a million of me and we all want to eat at the same rotting flesh that the bacteria in the plasma has opened up for us. I’m hungry and I know I will not live for long if I can’t feed upon the flesh. I try and crawl over the other maggots attached ...