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    I have been friends with all different types of my people, my entire life. In high school I won “Most Outgoing,” in my yearbook and I have been told that I am a friendly person, an open book, someone that gets along with all different types of people. I won’t deny any of those remarks, ...
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    The few lessons I’ve learned in my short time on this Earth. There’s only so many times people can keep making the same mistake before they realize it’s a mistake. Many of these lessons are from those who are older, and some are even from younger; I don’t judge wiseness on age. I believe in ...
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    One of the most difficult aspects of finishing school, moving away, and becoming an adult is without question adjusting to the fact that your ability to see and visit with old friends is about to be drastically changed. This can be an extreme challenge for many, particularly when they find themselves homesick, lonely, and struggling ...
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    I had a lot to think about as far as fake friends after being homeless, so I went to sites like LifeHack.org and Huffington Post to look up signs of fake friends and how to deal with them. It gave me a lot to think about and my local church leaders gave me input as well. But, ...
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    After spending four (or more) years in the college bubble, surrounded by people all the time, being jettisoned into the real world can be a little daunting – Especially when you may not have a close group of friends nearby! No matter your age, it’s always a good thing when you have someone to rant ...
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    There are few things particularly as daunting as moving home from college. It’s odd in a very specific kind of way. At your commencement, you were probably told that the world was your oyster. That this particular moment is just the beginning of so much that has yet to come. And whoever told you that ...
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    Friendship is a necessary part of a quality life as an adult. When you’re a kid, friendships can be plentiful and easy to work out when you’re surrounded by peers in an enclosed structured environment like school. As we get older, it seems as though quality friendship is hard to come by – especially in ...
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    When a relationship ends, the pain can seem unbearable. The thought of moving on in life without the person you may have considered your best friend, or the person you thought would be in your life forever, is unfathomable. These break ups don’t even have to be from romantic relationships; friend break ups can be ...
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    When I was young, naïve and full of dreams, I always thought that I would grow up to save the world. How I would save the world was dependent on the ever-changing interests of my short attention span. Sometimes, it was a marine biologist to save the whales; other times it was a teacher to ...
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    What does it mean to live? When you wake up in the morning, where is the first place your mind wanders? Is it to the fresh sunshine that has begun to peek through your window pane? Or the thought of taking the first sip of coffee on this morning? Do your friends and family cross ...