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    Dear God, This is not an easy thing to write. A very large part of me wonders if I’m writing from a place of selfishness rather than from a place a forgiveness, strength, and love, which is where I hope most of my open letters come from. In the past year or so, I revisited ...
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    “Possible risk of death.” What do you mean, a possible risk of death? Sure, are you kidding? That toxic haze I feel As if it’s already over. Sometimes I think that, l have been dead for years. Will today be the day, My heart stops beating? If I leave my mother behind, Will she be ...
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    Recently, while surfing my social media (again), I came across a reply to a post about pedophilia. This seems to be a hot topic because of the R. Kelly (R&B Singer & Songwriter) situation, and some of the choices he’s made in his career with younger girls. I do not condone this behavior at all, ...
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    Dear God, The things that are happening should make me happy. I don’t think it’s my anxiety and I don’t think it’s my depression. I’m just so confused and every day seems like a struggle between the person that I once was, the person that I want to become and the person that I am currently. I believe ...
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    Millennials who are driving in the morning, might often get caught up in the morning rush of where they need to go, whether it is work, dropping their children off at school or running errands. Some might even take unsafe measures, and not realize that what they are doing is a danger to other drivers ...
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      This is an open letter to my best friend and sister who passed away this past February 2017. I wanted to write this letter to her and share the many emotions I have felt since her loss. She was someone so special whom I will always carry in my heart. However, since her passing, ...
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    There are few things more frustrating that trying to understand God’s plan. This harsh reality is particularly true when you are faced with a situation that requires an answer. And, at times during this journey, God requires us to wait for his answer. During these times, it seems like God has forgotten about us altogether. ...