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    For National Novel Writing Month, I wanted to talk about the wonderful things that writing has given me. If you’re reading this, you’re more than likely a lover of words, just like me. The last article which I had written was one of the most difficult things I ever had the chance to write. Putting a ...
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    Dear God, This is not an easy thing to write. A very large part of me wonders if I’m writing from a place of selfishness rather than from a place a forgiveness, strength, and love, which is where I hope most of my open letters come from. In the past year or so, I revisited ...
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      A comfy orange armchair sits under a poorly painted character of the long-dead Lewis Carroll Though this isn’t the place for White rabbits, there have been swirling Cups of Tea    sat upon tables, with chipping paint Some obscure, easy listening tune from the 90s is playing softly, it struggles with the hum of fluorescent lights   I ...
  • President Donald Trump

    On the election trail, then Republican candidate Donald Trump got in some trouble for his vocabulary. It wasn’t a lack of his abilities to know words, but rather, he operated on fear. Constantly yelling about the dangers of society, along with racial slurs, gained the President many votes.  He ran on anti-immigrant and anti-change rhetoric. When ...
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    “I am not afraid to talk about my mental illness anymore. It is what’s new in my life.” Before I experienced it myself, I had a very broad understanding of what a mental illness was. I was always asking myself why it has become such a popular subject throughout the years. Then it happened to ...