• 17

    “Big Brother” has been on the air for 17 years now, and we are up to Season 19. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, let me explain it real quick. You have 16 strangers living in a house with no outside communication, (yes no phones), for three months. They have cameras on them 24/7, hence ...
  • 55

    MIT’s Chris Warshaw used the Roper Center’s historical polling data to show that the American Healthcare Act (ACHA) is “historically unpopular” By historically unpopular, he meant that, if passed, ACHA would be the least popular bill since the 1990s. 2/2) @RoperCenter polling shows that the AHCA is historically unpopular. If passed, it would be most ...
  • Violent acts, violence

    The roles of government parties changed last week as a liberal shooter shot at a conservative Congressmen. In the past, we have seen white supremacists, usually coming from Republican ideologies, to turn to violent acts to prove their points against the government. Yet, this week, we saw the tides turn. Ever since Donald Trump became ...