• stressed out

    I despise being bored or feeling like I’m in a rut. I love the idea of having new experiences, knowledge, and scenery, which is probably why I’m such a travel nut. Knowing this about me, one would think that I’d fully embrace this new journey my husband and I are undergoing. Well, if you ask, ...
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    For the longest time I have struggled with my self-esteem and truly loving the person I am today. In part, that has to do with the fact that I was born with a cleft lip when I was a baby. Even though the surgeries were successful and I only had a few small scars, I ...
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    Today, I became the girl reading a book in a bar. It’s not something I ever saw myself doing… truth be told, I’ve found myself doing more than I ever imagined lately. But that’s the beautiful thing about being alone. There’s a Kelly Clarkson lyric that goes, “You try to break me but you see, ...