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    I refuse to work for an asshole. Many will say that I’m snotty for this mentality or I’m a millennial so I’m clearly entitled. And guess what? People are allowed their opinions. I refuse to work for an asshole. And by asshole, I mean the rude, arrogant, domineering type of personality who doesn’t care about ...
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    Have you ever woken up one day and feel like you’re living a day in someone else’s life? When you put on clothes, does it feel like you’re playing dress up in someone else’s closet? This morning my dog woke me up by whimpering and pawing at my door. When I answered, she wagged her ...
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    There are many people who wander through this life without ever realizing their passion. This can be because of either mental illness or outside influences blocking them from realizing it. I feel sorry for them since I get to enjoy my passion for a living every day. But, I also reach out to them and encourage them ...
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    Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a writer. My free time was spent writing stories about my friends, family, and events that happened in my life. It kept me occupied for hours. As I grew older, writing became therapy as I struggled with depression and the difficulties that grief and illness bring. ...
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    For many people a secret passion lies in publishing. Whether it is a poem or becoming the next JK Rowling, the desire for this achievement lies deep inside us. It is the hope that someone reads it and cares. But for some people, it is fear that drives the inability to write. Someone might see. ...