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    For one day, I would love to fall apart. To lock myself in my room, turn the lights down low, and let myself fall apart. To have a pity party of the utmost ridiculous, and to have a full on cry fest. And not the pretty cry you see on TV. Oh no. I’m talking ...
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    Starting a career is a different experience for everybody. Some study the practice of their career for years under the guidance of those who’ve already mastered it. Some find their career out-of-the-blue or accidentally stumble upon it. Others sharpen their skills on their own whether by choice or due to limiting circumstances. With the help ...
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    For those not familiar with what a night owl is, it is someone who is up late at night or all night long. There are some people who function naturally this way although society says you must function in the daytime to be considered normal. Some cities are a bit more functional for night owls ...
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    I have been friends with all different types of my people, my entire life. In high school I won “Most Outgoing,” in my yearbook and I have been told that I am a friendly person, an open book, someone that gets along with all different types of people. I won’t deny any of those remarks, ...
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    If you feel like you’re a late bloomer, you’re not alone. In this day and age of social media, it’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind while you read post after post about your friends, family, and peers making the next big step in their lives. It’s easy to judge your own success based ...
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    Ubuntu is an  African term often translated as “humanity towards others”. Growing up in a small Northern Romanian village, I was one of those irritating children that never stopped asking ‘why’? I would ask my parents the silliest questions such as ‘Mom, why aren’t there any more dinosaurs? Why are there so many languages in ...
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    The few lessons I’ve learned in my short time on this Earth. There’s only so many times people can keep making the same mistake before they realize it’s a mistake. Many of these lessons are from those who are older, and some are even from younger; I don’t judge wiseness on age. I believe in ...
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    Recently, I walked into a debate with some friends of mine about if the internet is good for everyone and if the negatives outweigh the positives. I’ve had a similar discussion years before the internet, though at the time the topic was fast food. My views on both are the same: all things in moderation. You aren’t ...
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    On the surface, it looks like many of us know what we’re doing and what we want out of life. But don’t be fooled – many of us are just coasting by, waiting to see where life takes us next. Take me for example – I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m not sure ...
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    There are a million of me and we all want to eat at the same rotting flesh that the bacteria in the plasma has opened up for us. I’m hungry and I know I will not live for long if I can’t feed upon the flesh. I try and crawl over the other maggots attached ...