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    For one day, I would love to fall apart. To lock myself in my room, turn the lights down low, and let myself fall apart. To have a pity party of the utmost ridiculous, and to have a full on cry fest. And not the pretty cry you see on TV. Oh no. I’m talking ...
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    For those not familiar with what a night owl is, it is someone who is up late at night or all night long. There are some people who function naturally this way although society says you must function in the daytime to be considered normal. Some cities are a bit more functional for night owls ...
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    They probably still lose sleep over you. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re grown – and clearly on social media. Your timeline has been full of back to school updates and cute kids in their first day outfits. There’s probably been a meme or two showing how parents throw a party when when their ...
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    Recently, I walked into a debate with some friends of mine about if the internet is good for everyone and if the negatives outweigh the positives. I’ve had a similar discussion years before the internet, though at the time the topic was fast food. My views on both are the same: all things in moderation. You aren’t ...
  • Style

    Back in high school, I had somewhat of an eclectic style consisting of leggings, shirts, pants, you name it. They most likely had crazy patterns, full of bright and vibrant colors. I listened to all kinds of funky music that nobody really seemed to enjoy, but it made me happy. I was me. Many times, I got ...
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    Throughout life there are many events that promote and diminish motivation. There are people out there advertising they have the secret or a process to maintain your motivation. Despite all of these, in order to motivate yourself, you have to look within. Obviously there is no one size fits all, but there are steps you ...
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    We’re a busy generation. Life nowadays seems to be appointment after appointment, interview after interview, project after project, etc. after etc. With all of the running around we do on a daily basis, it’s easy for the small errands and tasks to slip through the cracks. Well, many companies have taken notice and decided to ...
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    It’s summer time, the hair I shaved months ago is getting longer and I have two options. Wait until it grows, then get a proper haircut, or do what you did for months and just get it trimmed with a machine. Number 6 for the top and the sides will be number 1 as usual. ...