• America's Millennials

    America’s millennials are defined as the demographic who were born between the years 1982 and 2004. This generation lived through the tumultuous Bush administration and came of age during the Recession of 2008. With vague childhood memories of Clinton Era prosperity combined with the greatest economic crisis in decades, it is no surprise that Millennials ...
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    Life. Is. Hard. Stress can easily build up from the daily pressures of work, relationships, finances and life changes. And although it can all feel so daunting at times, there are some quick and easy ways to help your mind, body and soul take a breather. Practice Meditation Meditation is much less difficult and intimidating ...
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    “If you are hundreds of miles away and feeling disconnected from the Dakota Access Pipeline, you’re not.” At this point, everyone has heard about the Dakota Access Pipeline and the crusade against it that has gained international coverage for the injustices occurring against the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and supporters. A lot of us who ...