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    Moments. The alarm rings and I wake up like clockwork For another day to begin. Then my children get up and they move on with the morning rush Of trying to get ready for the day. They begin eating their breakfast while I hear their enchanted laughter As I hear the Looney Tunes cartoons from ...
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    Just an average day. Sometimes I wish it would all be over. Being locked in my room, Because I have no idea what else to do. Alone in my room, Journal Is dark thoughts of serial killers and the afterlife. Within the safety of my big fuzzy blankets, The color are freshly cut grass. Tears ...
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    “Possible risk of death.” What do you mean, a possible risk of death? Sure, are you kidding? That toxic haze I feel As if it’s already over. Sometimes I think that, l have been dead for years. Will today be the day, My heart stops beating? If I leave my mother behind, Will she be ...
  • rollercoaster

    Lately, my life has been undergoing some very drastic changes.  We’re moving across the country for my husband’s job, I need to find a job in a new city with my new career, we need to fix up the house and sell it; all in a span of a month! Add me trying to finish ...
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    This poem is for all those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. I have been thinking of this as of late. There is not a day that goes by I do not miss them, and this is an expression of that pain. For those, I mourn   I am sad today   For those, ...
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    What Is More Romantic: My Words or My Actions? Roses aren’t always blood red Violets are never a true blue and what the hell do colors and flowers have to do with my love for you? Would I climb the highest mountain? Jump on a grenade? Swim across the deepest sea? Some other rhyming promise…blade ...
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      A comfy orange armchair sits under a poorly painted character of the long-dead Lewis Carroll Though this isn’t the place for White rabbits, there have been swirling Cups of Tea    sat upon tables, with chipping paint Some obscure, easy listening tune from the 90s is playing softly, it struggles with the hum of fluorescent lights   I ...
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    Days bright Shining light Confines you as you walk Talk to your invisible friends Sweet satisfaction never ends The vultures circle around you Their forced smiles cloud you Your judgement is bound to you Like the corset that surrounds you Lips stained red with lies Eyes as black as your heart Real or fake you ...
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    Loved one. Loved one collapsing. Loved one collapsing in two. Loved one collapsing, into you. Out of sight, out of mind. Maybe from the world, you both can hide. Together you struggle, together feel pride. Forever you lives, intertwined. When to let go, maybe release. When to let go, maybe. When to let go. When ...