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    Every day we hear about the drug epidemic, we are flooded with statistics about how many people will die this year from a drug overdose or how many families will be affected by drug use. In all reality it is very unlikely that you can’t think of someone who abuses or has abused drugs as ...
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    Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a writer. My free time was spent writing stories about my friends, family, and events that happened in my life. It kept me occupied for hours. As I grew older, writing became therapy as I struggled with depression and the difficulties that grief and illness bring. ...
  • Stigma

    Mental health stigma is a real (and very dangerous) part of our current society. Not only is it damaging to the self-image of those struggling with their mental health, it prevents the others within the United States from benefiting from education on this important topic. This reduces the effectiveness of everyday support systems and the ...