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    When I was 5 years old, I began kindergarten. I walked into the school with all of the other children who were taller than me. My teacher was very nice. And she had blonde hair. Her smile made me smile! But some of the other kids already knew each other, or so it seemed. “Oh no,” I thought, “I’m ...
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    On the morning compute in London, United Kingdom, an improvised explosive device went off on a Tube train. Thankfully no death casualties were reported, but at least twenty people were taken to hospitals for injuries. It was quickly called a terrorist attack from many people in many governments, the United Kingdom and the United States ...
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    The Ramblas, one of the most iconic streets in Barcelona, was one of the latest objectives of the terror-van strategy adopted by extremist terrorism. Realistically vans are perfect weapons. They are easy to come by and due to their role in modern transport, very hard to control. An everyday object, turned into a lethal weapon, ...
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    I’ve been there. Among the millions of other people, I’ve been there. I know the gray of the stone and the people who pass you by. I understand how tourism screws up which side you walk on. That the River Thames smells gross and it’s an ugly color too– but once in a while, someone ...
  • Terrorism

    On June 4th, President Donald Trump of the United States tweeted, “Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now? That’s because they used knives and a truck!” He references terrorism in London, where 3 men plowed a van into a crowd on London Bridge and then jumped out to attack people ...
  • Manchester

    The recent horrific terrorist attack in Manchester, England showed us the worst of people. We watched a man blow himself up, taking out as many young people as possible. He created fear by taking out people at pop concert, an event that represents freedom, love and tolerance. We expected to fall into the pit of despair, ...
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    On Sunday, President Donald Trump delivered a speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia. The speech was intended to show a shift from Trump’s more extreme statements that attacked Islam. In the speech, he decided to emphasize the current US’s struggles as a war against terrorism, but he steered clear of using the term radical Islamic terrorism, ...
  • Pope Francis Visits Fatima

    Pope Francis is coming to Portugal next weekend, the 12th and 13th of May, to celebrate the centenary of the Fátima apparitions. In addition, during his visit he is to officiate the canonisation of two of the shepherds of Fátima, Jacinta and Francisco, who witnessed the apparitions of Virgin Mary in 1917, along with sister ...
  • Violence

    That little story at the end of every news hour is called “fluff.” It is meant to leave you with a good and happy feeling, believing the world is not a bad place. While the first ten minutes or so is dedicated to all the wars, violence and political disasters, the last three minutes is meant ...