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    On Tuesday, October 31st, the students and faculty of the University of Wisconsin- Superior were notified that nine majors, one master program and 15 minors were being suspended. The reasoning behind the move to suspend these majors was that first generation students were having a hard time choosing their majors and were taking too long. ...
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    Much like Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Chancellor Angela Merkel heads a feminist movement without calling herself a feminist. In Germany, there is a negative connotation about feminism, and during the time of Thatcher, it was frowned upon. Both of these women have worked closely with the conservative groups of their respected countries, but neither allowed ...
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    It is of no doubt that education is a tricky topic. The more we learn about the complexity and diversity of human beings, the more complicated finding the right way to teach people seems to become, especially when they are considered in groups. Luckily though, human ingenuity allows the teachers of the world to come ...
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    Congratulations! You got accepted into university. Even though once you step into college it seems like the whole world is there (even the smallest institutions have thousands of students), you are in fact one of very few privileged people. You are about to embark on three or four years of undergraduate studies. This is an ...
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    Heading to university this year? Next year? Are you at university now? If so, your mind is probably full of various ideas and thoughts.   Where is good for my course? Where is good for nightlife? Do I have nearby family? How far do I have to travel?   One thing you may or may ...
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    For many people a secret passion lies in publishing. Whether it is a poem or becoming the next JK Rowling, the desire for this achievement lies deep inside us. It is the hope that someone reads it and cares. But for some people, it is fear that drives the inability to write. Someone might see. ...
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    While it is most prevalent to seniors, it does not matter what your year of school is: when summer is near, we all become a part of the senior slide. The weather may not be as important when it comes to people in warmer climates all year around, but for the people of the north, ...
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    In the land without an official language, English is widely accepted. Fear comes from people believing that somehow and someway that Spanish might become the most spoken language in the US, and there is a chance. There are many immigrants to the US who speak Spanish, and Spanish is pushed in the curriculum of high ...