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    For one day, I would love to fall apart. To lock myself in my room, turn the lights down low, and let myself fall apart. To have a pity party of the utmost ridiculous, and to have a full on cry fest. And not the pretty cry you see on TV. Oh no. I’m talking ...
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    The future is definitely female with all the amazing women directors we have nowadays. Each one has their unique qualities that make their films, or television shows stand out from the rest. With this male-dominated industry it’s hard for us women to even get a “big break.” Only four women have been nominated for an ...
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    After 76 years, Wonder Woman hits the big screen and she hits Hollywood in a big way. Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston. DC Comics, fresh off the success of Batman and Superman, were looking for a female superhero to empower early feminists at the time.